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5 of Our Favorite Kids’ Closet Makeovers

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: #MyClosetMaid, Closet Makeover, Nursery Room

Any parent knows the challenges of keeping a child’s closet organized. Busy schedules, changing needs and the natural messiness of most kids all contribute to the clutter often associated with their rooms – and their closets in particular. That’s why we at ClosetMaid love these five DIY makeovers from a few Instagrammers. 

Before and After

Mom Lizmarie Ramon, known as @the.tidy.mama on Instagram, redesigned both of her kids’ closets, swapping out the simple wire systems for ClosetMaid tower-based wood systems. She placed labeled baskets on the shelves and used shelf dividers to further corral the clothes.

kid's messy closetThe “before” version of the girl’s closet was chaotic and some items were hard to access.

kid's closet organization

The “after” version of the girl’s closet gives everything its place, making it easier to keep neat.

Now the closets not only look better but they’re more functional for both the parents and the kids.

Adjustable Storage

Professional organizer @decantt.shoppe used our ShelfTrack hardware system in a teen boy’s closet. It’s a perfect solution for a growing child because it lets you adjust the layout as his needs change.

wire closet system

Each shelf is dedicated to a different item of clothing, so there’s no question where anything is.

In this design, the ventilated shelving provides easy access to pants, jeans and baseball caps. Getting dressed is quick and painless – and so is putting it all back!

Space Maximization

Sometimes, a little child’s bedroom comes with a little storage area. That’s when you have to think creatively to take advantage of every available inch. Professional organizer Morgan Laskey (on Instagram as @morganizeitsolutions) did just that when she spruced up a small closet for a client’s daughter.

wallpaper in kid's closet

Colorful wallpaper behind the closet’s tower system livens up the small space. 

Inside the closet, Laskey installed a wood closet system that had open shelving, drawers and double-hang space to store as much as possible. Then she hung an adjustable basket organizer on the inside of the door to accommodate small toys, purses and a few favorite books. The new closet is as effective as it is attractive.

Nursery Designs

Mom and designer @foxyoxie styled her young daughter’s closet like a boutique while still making room for the girl’s clothing. The versatile wood closet system SpaceCreations has an array of options, including shelving, different drawer fronts, depths and handles, and other finishing touches so that you can customize your storage system. 

girl's nursery room

This petite closet fits right in with this glam nursery. 

DIYer and designer @thisficklehome redid all of her home’s closets, including her son’s. She designed it to keep many of his things within reach – using double-hang rods and drawers that sit low to the floor. As he gets older, he’ll be able to help put away his belongings or dress himself without needing an adult’s help.

nursery closet for a boy

A child’s closet can look polished while serving the storage needs of a toddler. 

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