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5 Home Style and Décor Trends to Watch in 2018

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2018 is in full swing, which means the home and interior design world is bursting with fresh ideas for decorating and improving our living spaces! To make it easier to navigate through all the new techniques out there, we’ve put together the top five home style and décor trends you should really be watching for this year:


1.) All Natural
Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection, is the latest trend in home décor. Instead of sleek, all-white minimalist homes, wabi-sabi is about embracing the natural world in your home.

Some ways to incorporate this include items like rough linens for table settings, natural wood textures for decorative bowls, woven baskets, and colorful stone kitchen countertops in dark marbles and onyx.


ClosetMaid_Premium Wood Shelving.png

ClosetMaid Premium Ventilated Wood Shelving


2.) Brass Accents

Gone are the days of stainless steel – brass is the latest metal for home and bath accessories. The soft, vintage look of brass is ideal for lighting fixtures and faucets, and can add a new sense of character to a room.



Image source: BrePurposed


3.) Rich Colors and Dark Jewel Tones

According to Sherwin-Williams, the 2018 paint color of the year is Oceanside, a rich blue that pairs beautifully with organic textures and greens.


Sherwin-Williams_Apartment Therapy.jpg  Kitchen Studio of Naples_bold_tile_copper_tub.jpg

Image sources: Apartment Therapy and Kitchen Studio of Naples


Other Sherwin-Williams 2018 color collections include Sincerity, which features warm, natural hues, such as shades of browns, tans, and grays; Unity that focuses on pops of vibrant and artisanal colors like indigo and maroon; and Connectivity, a high-tech inspired color palette with “pixelated oranges, violets, digital greens, and high-def yellows”.



Image source: Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap


4.) Bold Patterns and Florals

Both geometric and floral patterns will have a more active presence throughout the home. From backsplashes to accent walls to statement furniture pieces, these patterns are all about incorporating eye-catching style and color variations in the most unsuspecting places.


Cortel_Group_news-2018_trends8.jpg  Cameron Team_Geometric-Blue-Walk-in-Shower-Massucco-Warner-Miller-Interior-Design.jpg

Image sources: Cortel Group and The Cameron Team


5.) The “Modern” Farmhouse

The farmhouse style isn’t necessarily the newest trend; this look has been all over Pinterest for some time now. However, 2018 is the time for modifying and urbanizing themes of this style in different parts of the home.

Shaker-style drawers, trough sinks, exposed wood patterns, navy blue and black kitchen cabinets, and vintage lighting fixtures are all part of this new emerging modern farmhouse style.



Image source: Domino


Although there are so many great new ideas to choose from, just remember, these styles can all be modified so you can make your home as unique as you!

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