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5 Elements of a Perfectly Organized Closet

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Closets come in all different sizes, shapes and styles. However, to stay clutter-free and harmonious, there are a few features that every closet needs. We’ve put together the five elements that every perfectly organized closet should have.


1.) Double hang space

A single hang rod in the closet limits your storage space. By adding double hang space, you can fit so much more in your closet and organize your collection in categories, such as specific locations for hanging shirts, pants, outerwear, etc.


ClosetMaid Impressions_Double Hang Space

ClosetMaid Impressions


2.) Extra shelves/towers

Not all clothing needs to be hung, which is why open shelving is important. Items like sweaters, T-Shirts and denim can be folded and displayed on a shelf. Shelving also provides space for adding some personality to your closet, such as pictures, accessories and anything else you need to store.


Style+ Coastal Teak_Standard Floor Tower_Open Shelving

ClosetMaid Style+


3.) Drawers

Don’t forget about adding hidden storage to your closet system. Drawers keep items like scarves, hats, purses and sweaters organized and neatly tucked away.


SpaceCreations Premier_Dark Java_Drawer Divider

Go further with your drawer organization with SpaceCreations acrylic drawer dividers.


4.) Shoe shelves

There’s nothing more frustrating than walking into your closet and seeing a pile of messy shoes on the floor. To avoid shoe clutter and disorganization, add some shoe shelves or organizers to your closet.



ClosetMaid Shoe Organizer


5.) Tie and Belt Rack

A tie and belt rack is a necessity for storing accessories. Use it multiple ways by hanging jewelry, belts, scarves, bow ties, and more!


SuiteSymphony Tie & Belt Rack_White_Modern  SuiteSymphony Tie & Belt Rack_Natural Gray_Modern

SuiteSymphony Tie & Belt Rack


If you’re in need of a closet update, consider incorporating some of the ideas above to your space. With these elements added to your closet, you’ll be feeling organized in no time.  

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