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4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Simplify Life, Organization tips, Spring Cleaning, Organize by Season

Spring is here and even if the weather has other plans, we’re ready to kick off the season! Spring cleaning is always a must, but what can you do to freshen up your home after you’ve completed the chore? Here are some ideas to bring the feeling of spring into your home:


Give your home a new scent.

Like it or not, everyone’s home has a special scent – and some can be better than others. Rejuvenate your home’s aroma with candles and fresheners that are spring-inspired, like fresh linens; eucalyptus and mint; citrus and lemon; sandalwood and bamboo; soft lavenders, and more.



If you prefer a more natural fragrance, make your own scents by cooking citrus peels and spices. Read more in Good Housekeeping’s article, How to Make Your House Smell Good Instantly.


Bring the garden indoors.

We know April showers bring May flowers, so why not speed up the process in your home décor? Adding a vase of flowers is sure to brighten up your space, but take it a step further by infusing floral patterns in unsuspecting places.

Consider switching out your traditional dishes for colorful flower-themed plates, re-upholstering a chair to make a statement piece, or adding a decorative floral tray to the coffee table.


Anthropologie_Quentin Chair_Vivid Floral

Image source: Anthropologie


Remember if you are introducing real flowers in your space, always trim the stems before putting them in a vase (this will make them last longer)!




Natural light is key.

Heavy, dark curtains and blinds can make a room feel like a cave. Make way for warm sunlight by opting for lightweight and light-colored curtains and fabrics to open your space.


SpaceCreations_Bright White_Shaker_Full Room

ClosetMaid SpaceCreations Premier


Prep the mudroom.

Warmer weather brings more opportunity to be outdoors, which means more chances for mess. To prevent muddy footprints throughout the house, invest in quality doormats on both sides of the door, or make your own shoe tray.



Image source: The Learner Observer


Make sure the mudroom is prepared for the new season by removing your extra winter clothes out of this space. Read how to store and transition your winter wardrobe into spring here.




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