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4 Steps to Creating a Homework Station

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Now that the school year and extracurricular activities are in full swing, life at home is probably more than a little hectic. With so many extra responsibilities, juggling homework can weigh heavy on your child’s mind. To help kids stay motivated and on top of their work, we’ve put together some ideas for creating special study spaces that are sure to inspire productivity!

1.) Choose a space in your home that makes sense to do homework. This can be as simple as a desk in your child’s bedroom, or a nook in the kitchen or living room. No matter which area of the home is best, it should be a quiet zone to make it easier to focus on work.


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2.) Make sure the workspace is clutter-free. Having an organized space can help keep your child free from disruptions. Tuck toys and other distractions safely out of eyesight in cube organizers and Fabric Drawers.


Home Depot_Kids' Room Organization_A Ruffled Life.png 

Image source: The Home Depot

Read how to create a stimulating and organized kid’s space on The Home Depot’s blog!


3.) Store the essentials at arm’s reach. Homework areas should only include what is necessary to get the work accomplished, such as pencils or pens, calculator, ruler, desk lamp, paper, and even a clock to keep track of time. 


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4.) Design a space that is bright and motivating. Consider painting the walls a fun color or add a bulletin board with inspirational pictures and quotes to help your child feel confident and encouraged!




Incorporating a consistent place for your children to do homework can make way for a successful and less stressful school year!

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