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4 Halloween Storage and Clean-up Tips

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Sometimes the scariest part of Halloween is cleaning up afterwards. Between all the costumes and decorations, you might find your home turned upside down after the holiday. Don’t fear the cleanup – we have the tips you need to organize all your Halloween things:


1.) Create storage space inside of the closet.

Work together with your child to designate sections in the closet for everyday wear and old costumes. This way, your little ones can stay organized and know exactly where to find all their favorite dress-up wear and accessories.



Image source: IHeart Organizing

Unique labels like “twirl” for tutus and ballerina costumes are a great way to make organizing fun and memorable!


2.) Store costumes in easily accessible places so they can be used throughout the year.

Let your little ones exercise their imaginations and reuse old outfits for dress-up time in the playroom! Add a KidSpace Storage Locker organizer to store items like colorful wigs, Batman masks and princess dresses for year-round use.


KidSpace_Storage Locker.png

KidSpace Storage Locker


3.) Toss old decorations.

As you take down your Halloween displays, you might find your decorations are starting to look their age. Free up storage space by sorting what is, or isn’t, worth keeping for next year.




Don’t forget about your jack-o-lantern! Carved pumpkins only last about five to 10 days before transforming into something from a horror movie…


4.) Create an organization system.

No matter what you need to store, such as boxes of plastic pumpkins or bulky yard decorations, get items up and off the floor with Heavy Duty Wire Shelving. This will keep your garage, basement or attic feel less crowded. 


CM Heavy Duty Nickel_Garage Detail.jpg

ClosetMaid Heavy Duty Wire Shelving


Halloween organization shouldn’t be too scary once you have the right supplies! For more organization tips and inspiration visit, and all of our other channels: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterestYouTube, Houzz and Flickr.

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