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3 Must-Have Products to Keep a Dorm Room Organized

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Dorm Room, Expert Tips, Back-to-School

Whether college classes will be held virtually or in person this fall, a space to study and live deserves some organizational planning. Notoriously small dorm rooms and even bedrooms at home can quickly become overwhelmed with clutter and result in a chaotic work area. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with professional organizer Barbara Reich from Life Organized Inc. to make over closets, set up dorm rooms and get insights on how she works her organizational magic. 

A mother of two college students, Barbara understands what it takes to keep a busy life organized. As she helps her own children prepare for the fall semester, we asked her which products she recommends to help keep a dorm room or study space neat and tidy. 

1. ClosetMaid’s X-Frame Bookshelves boost the decor of any dorm room or bedroom while providing vertical storage. Barbara used two in her own daughter’s dorm room at Washington University as a functional space to stash books and showcase items like candles, lotions and perfumes. 

dorm decor ideas

The bookshelf can also be used for storing food, beverages and snacks.

2. The popular 5-Shelf Stackable Organizer can contain a range of belongings. Barbara suggests putting it inside the closet as a shoe organizer. It can also be used in place of a bulky dresser to store T-shirts, sweaters, jeans and any other clothing items.

shoe storage

Stackable organizers are a versatile storage piece for inside or outside of the closet.

3. The Hanging Storage Kit helps take advantage of otherwise wasted space behind a door, under a bed or in the closet. The storage kit is easy to move around the dorm room or bedroom to keep the space tidy and clutter-free.

SoftStorageItemsHanging and under-the-bed storage items take advantage of underused space in any bedroom -- whether it’s on campus or at home.

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