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4 Steps to Unclutter Your Life with ClosetMaid

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As we mentioned in our post, Cleaning and Organizing: Why You Need to Start Now!, sometimes getting rid of clutter can be emotionally cleansing, especially if it holds memories that might not be worth hanging on to. But what about the clutter that you just can’t throw away? Check out some of our ideas to help you reuse and refresh your stuff:

Shop your closet. Everything eventually comes back in style, and you may have some clothes shoved away in your closet that might be the perfect outfit for today’s trends. Experiment with different color and pattern combinations and don’t forget to take pictures so you can remember what you create!



Upcycle. After you’ve shopped your own closet, and determined what is or isn’t worth keeping, you could find yourself with lots of leftover clothing. For items that take up a lot of space, like old T-Shirts, find a new purpose for them, such as creating a DIY T-Shirt quilt (which also make great presents for graduating students).


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Give your old clutter a new and fun purpose. Do you have old pieces of furniture taking up space in the garage or basement? Turn old doors into vintage-inspired picture frames, or refurbish old chairs with new, colorful and stylish fabrics!


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Check out the full DIY tutorial on reupholstering a chair at Better Homes and Gardens.


Get back to organization. Sometimes your most beautiful and meaningful objects might not be clutter at all – you just don’t have anywhere to display them! Try any of ClosetMaid’s cube storage systems, which are great for filing papers and office supplies, or storing all of the kids’ toys.


ClosetMaid Cubeicals 12 Cube Organizer

ClosetMaid Tip: Add a stylish flower vase and vintage mirror to turn a cluttered space into something fit for a magazine cover!


Although there are some mementos you just can’t throw away, there are lots of fun and fresh ways to turn them into something new and functional and can free up storage space in your home!

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