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How to Organize Sports Equipment in Your House

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Fall is fast approaching and that means afternoons are now full of T-Ball, football, dance, and every other extracurricular activity you can imagine. As the Friday night lights become a part of your family’s weekly schedule, you’ll find the sporting gear that accompanies this time of the year can overrun your house. To keep your home from looking like the locker room, check out these tips:


An entryway drop zone is the place for sports.

A designated location right at the entryway can tackle the sports clutter. Turn the mudroom into the ultimate command center for sports gear or, if you don’t have a mudroom, create a space in the garage or basement.


Store items like tennis racquets and golf clubs out of the way with Wire Shelving.


Keep the shoes away.

The most important part of an athlete’s uniform is the shoes. If you want to find a way to make sure your athlete doesn’t bring the football field home with them, create a specific place to store those athletic shoes.


Closet Organizers


Don’t forget about the small stuff.

Every sport is different and requires different kinds of gear. If your little one is a ballet dancer, Cuebicals Fabric Drawers can be the perfect place to hold shoes and costume accessories. Or if your child plays baseball or tennis, Wire Frame Bins are the best way to contain the practice balls.


Cubeicals Wire Frame Bin


Make room in their closets.

Almost every sport requires a uniform, and sometimes those uniforms can take up a lot of storage room. Design a space in your children’s closet specifically for their athletic garb so they know exactly where to find it before the big game.


Create your own shelving with SpaceCreations to make sure all your family’s uniforms and sports accessories are in one place.

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No matter what kind of sport you or your family members play, you can tackle any kind of equipment clutter. For more organization inspiration or lifestyle tips, visit and all of our other channels: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.

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