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Organization Ideas: Get Set for Lunchtime

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As everyone slowly gets back into their school-year routine, you might find that some of your least favorite tasks you left behind in the summer are back, such as packing lunches for the whole family. We’re here to help you kick-start a new routine that can make packing lunches feel more fun and less like a chore:

In our blog post The Best Morning Routine for Your Family, we mentioned the best thing your family can do is to prepare for your day the night before. By setting aside time in the evenings, you can seriously cut down on meal prep time during your hectic mornings, and have one less thing to worry about. 

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As important as it is to plan ahead, your kitchen and pantry have to be organized too! Rethink your pantry organization and give the little ones a specific place at a shelf height they can see. This way they can find their favorite snacks, and take charge of packing their own school lunches.


Watch Be My Guest with Denise’s SpaceCreations pantry makeover and her great tips for lunch packing!


Also, it’s important to have designated places for lunch items when it’s time to unpack at the end of the school day. With a place for everything, you will know exactly where to find just what you are looking for when it’s time to do it all over again later.


Our ShelfTrack wire shelving systems are perfect for storing lunch utensils because they can be adjusted and customized for all of your specific storage needs!


Next, if you already feel like you’re making the kids’ lunches on autopilot, try out some new lunch variations to keep them surprised. And if you have a picky eater on your hands, try switching out only one food group item at a time until they are more open to new things.


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ClosetMaid Tip: Before packing a new kind of lunch for your kids, don’t forget to check the school’s food allergy policy. Some schools have strict policies in place to make sure every student can eat safely and comfortably in the lunchroom.


Getting back into the school routine can feel a little overwhelming, but with the right organization tools, and help from the whole family, making lunches can be a lot easier. For more lifestyle tips and organization ideas, check out and all of our other channels: FacebookTwitter, InstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.

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