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Dorm Room, Organize by Room

Back-to-School and Closet Solutions

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Moving to college can be nerve-racking, especially when your student doesn’t know what his or her dorm room looks like before moving in. Combat those nerves by investing in the right organization tools. Check out these great back-to-school products that are perfect for move-in day!


Make a dorm room work for you

Sometimes in small spaces you have to create storage space. The Closet Maximizer does just that – not only does it add more storage space but it simply snaps on to an existing closet rod without any tools! And the best part about the Maximizer? It can move with your student, whether that’s back home or to a new apartment next year.


Closet Maximizer


A dorm is more than a sleeping space

College dorm rooms have to be much more than a bedroom, so why not add a cube organizer? ClosetMaid Cubeicals can do everything from storing books and school supplies to favorite study-break snacks.


ClosetMaid Cubeicals


Tip: Add school spirit to any room with our Collegiate Cube Combo Kits and Fabric Drawers, designed specifically with school colors in mind.



Collegiate Cubeicals 9 Cube Combo Kit


Need even more versatile storage?

Our Soft Storage and Closet Accessory kits help corral shoes, clothes and other accessories that can cause clutter in such a small space.


Soft Storage Kit and Closet Accessory Kit


And don’t forget – personalize your space!

Make the transition process a breeze with room decorations that make a student’s new place feel like a home away from home. This can be as simple as hanging favorite pictures, or adding twinkle lights and a fun rug to brighten up a drab dorm room.


Closet Maximizer


Before your student’s move-in day, shop our great back-to-school products that can make the move easy on your family and your wallet. For even more organization inspiration, check out and all of our other channels: FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.

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