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Is Your Closet "Oscar" Worthy?

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Bedroom

The Oscars were this past weekend and we were pumped to see the best of the best walk down the red carpet. Each of these actors and actresses showcases a sense of individuality, and just like them, your closet can have that award-winning style! 

Here are some ways to make your closet “Oscar” worthy: 

Step into the limelight: Proper lighting will make it easier to find clothes buried inside drawers, or hanging towards the back. Why not show off some of your favorite pieces by shining a spotlight on them? 

Add show-stopping accessories: If you have drawers or cabinets in your closet system, a simple update of the hardware can be the perfect facelift. 


SuiteSymphony  – Espresso


Get ready for your close-up: Adding art or other decorative pieces can make your closet mirror your personality.

Upgrade to a 4-star rating: Sometimes, it’s just time for an upgrade. Treat yourself to a closet more luxurious and efficient. Whether it’s DIY or professionally designed, it’ll still be all yours to enjoy. 

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