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Storage Month #1: Secondary Storage Areas

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Kicking off our first post for Storage Month, we either head down to your basement, or up to your attic. These are the heart of all storage, and clutter can happen if you’re not paying attention. Here are some tips on how to tidy up your basement or your attic space.

Toss, keep or donate: Designate a time to go through things you don’t need anymore. Engage the family by tossing things that are broken or overused, keeping things that are still usable, or donating if it’s outgrown or not needed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can declutter the space.  

Dust it away: Cleaning up the basement or attic can be daunting thanks to dim lighting, dust bunnies around and unknown spaces you never knew existed. Vacuum carpeted areas and use a duster, broom, sweeper, or mop to tackle the floors and walls. A decluttered and clean space will make it easier to organize your things in an efficient manner. 

Use your walls: Utilizing your walls to store things is a space saver and helps keep everything easily accessible. Invest in a wire shelving system, such as the Maximum Load Wire Shelving that can handle 100 lbs. per linear foot. Place your belongings according to how often you use them, with seasonal items towards the top and year-round items towards the bottom and middle.

Maximum Load Wire Shelf


Keeping these key storage places in your home decluttered and organized will help your entire household function better.

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