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Gray Is Here to Stay! The Beauty of Neutral Colors

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Bedroom

When it comes to neutral hues, many feel that these colors are “boring” or “mundane.” The usage of color in any space is a constant battle of being conservative versus being bold. It’s time to see neutral palettes in a new light, and recognize them as beautiful colors on their own.

The ideal place where many people use neutral colors is on their walls. There are better ways to dress up your walls than just plain white.

For your bedroom, try painting your walls with pastel tones for a cooler and lighter look. These shades allow for relaxation after a long day and are easier on the eyes when waking up.

For higher-trafficked areas, look into warmer tones, which encourage movement and intellectual thinking.

Most of ClosetMaid’s closet systems feature neutral colors as well, and they look great in any closet space or room! For example, SuiteSymphony Natural Gray is an earthy shade that complements bold-colored dresses, heels and blouses. As for darker neutral colors, the SuiteSymphony Espresso finish complements pastel-colored dress shirts, shiny jewelry and flashy accessories.





Your closet can be its own focal piece, even if it’s a neutral color. Don’t be afraid to show off neutral colors around your house—they are beautiful the way they are. For all of your storage and organization needs, be sure to check out, and all of our channels for inspiration and ideas: FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.

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