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5 Reasons to Make Organizing a Priority

Posted by: Lorie Marrero Tags: Expert Tips, Guest Author

Written by guest blogger and author of The Clutter Diet Lorie Marrero.

Putting off your organizing projects is very easy to do because we’re all so busy! You can rationalize many good reasons why it’s better to do something else, but remember, there is a big difference between what’s urgent and what’s important.  It may not be urgent to clean out your pantry, but it is important so you can have a more efficient and happy lifestyle.

Here are five reasons to make organizing a priority:

  1. Organizing saves you time. With any project, you are looking for “ROI”—return on investment. The time you spend up front organizing your closet will pay off every time you get dressed in the morning.  Focus on highly-trafficked areas such as, wardrobe closets, kitchen cabinets, pantries and laundry rooms. ClosetMaid has tons of options that are a perfect way to implement a big time-saver in your home at an affordable price.
  2. Organizing saves you money! Organizing also saves you money. You will know where everything is so you won’t be buying doubles. You will probably find money during the organizing process too! In our work as Professional Organizers, we have found thousands of dollars in cash, un-deposited checks, and un-redeemed gift cards.
  3. Organizing helps you shop smarter. Being organized means you have planned and you’re shopping with a list. This will help you buy only what you need so you don’t over spend or buy unnecessary/excess items. You’ll stop buying what you already have, because you’ll have visibility to the fact that you have it! You’ll even be a more efficient errand-runner, because you’ll have organized your lists and routes to streamline your trips.
  4. Organizing puts you in control. We all know that frantic feeling of rushing around trying to find something—like your car keys—when you are running late. Being unorganized causes so much stress! We can be happier and calmer without lost items, late fees, lost money and time. Being prepared and ready is the path to a calmer life.
  5. Organizing gives you freedom. Freedom means your neighbor can stop by spontaneously for coffee and you aren’t worried about her coming in to see your house! Freedom means that you can hire a housekeeper without having to clean up first, or delegate other chores and errands with the greatest of ease. Freedom means you can relax playing hoops with your kids instead of hunting down that lost inflation needle to air up the ball.  Being organized means you have options and freedom to do the things you love.

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