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Prepare Your Closet for Fall

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Even though the weather’s hot and we don’t want to say goodbye to summer just yet, fall is right around the corner – in two weeks! With the change in season comes the change in weather, wardrobe, fashions and accessories. This means you need to start transitioning your closet now, while you still have time to get rid of items you don’t want and start planning for new fall pieces you want to fill your closet with. To help you prepare your closet, we have some simple steps to help you switch from hot summer to cool fall.

Evaluate your summer clothes.

Go through your closet and look at all of your summer clothes. When doing this, be sure to create two categories, one to save for next summer and one to donate.  If something is out of date and you haven’t worn it in a while, it’s probably a good time to get rid of it.

Plan your fall wardrobe.

Have a certain look you absolutely love for fall? Whether you love knit sweaters, tall boots or infinity scarves, start looking at magazines and Pinterest to find out what kind of fall clothes you’d like to include in your closet. After you have an idea of what clothes you’ll have, you can plan to make space for them.

Corral the coats.

With the cooler weather approaching, you’ll have to drag out your coats from storage. If possible, it’s smart to keep your coats and cold-weather items in a separate closet. An entryway closet or utility closet is a logical place to keep these, as they’ll be out of the way and easily accessible when you’re leaving home.

Organize with closet upgrades.

Sweaters, jeans, scarves and fall wardrobe items are often heavier and need more storage space than your summer clothes. Now more than ever is the time to think about using a closet system that works for you, not against you. With double hang space, shoe racks, drawers and shelves for folded items, your new outfits will have space to live in your closet. You can create the perfect look for your unique needs with our DIY Design tool. Learn about all of our DIY tools here –

 Embrace the fall weather and prepare your space to accommodate for your new clothes. For all of your storage and organization needs, be sure to check out, and all of our channels for inspiration and ideas: FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.

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