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Easy Kitchen and Pantry Organization Tips

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From meal preparation to homework, kitchens are a hub for multitasking and one of the busiest areas of the home. Therefore, it’s important that proper storage and organization abound. Below are four smart ways to help make sure your kitchen and pantry stay controlled and tidy:

  1. Create zones. More than likely your kitchen already has zones, you just haven’t made it official. In order to create zones, think about how you use the space and then make sure the tools and utensils necessary are stored nearby.  Some common kitchen zones include: cooking, baking, cleaning, and a drop zone. In the cooking zone, most likely near the stove, store pots, pans, cutting boards and cookbooks.  In the baking zone keep mixing bowls, measuring cups and baking sheets. If you store cleaning supplies in the kitchen, make sure that the cleaning zone is out of the reach of small children and curious pets. To create a drop zone add a basket for unread mail or keys by an entryway. You can also hang hooks for dog leashes, coats or bags. This will help unwanted clutter from piling up on the counter tops
  2. Maximize space. Whether you have a small or large pantry, make sure that every inch of space is utilized properly. Don’t just use the floor, think vertically. Installing shelving all the way to the top will allow you to store bulky items like paper towels or less used items like holiday serving dishes. If you do not have a pantry, truly maximizing cabinet space is even more important.  Install cabinet organizers in all of your cupboards, easily doubling usable storage space and making it simple for you to reach items.

  3. Categorize food items. Have you ever stood in front of your refrigerator or pantry blankly staring because you don’t know what to eat, or you can’t find what you’re looking for? Eliminate wasted time by storing food based on category, such as canned goods, bulk items, boxed foods, etc. You may also consider storing like items in baskets or bins and then labeling them.

  4. Use your doors. Another smart way to find storage in your kitchen and pantry is to look behind your pantry door. By installing a door rack to the door, you create storage space for all types of kitchen supplies. The ClosetMaid Wall and Door Rack is also adjustable, making it easy to make room for larger items.


So don’t overthink it. By making the most of the space you have, your kitchen and pantry can truly be organized and #ClutterFree. 

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