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Five Ways to Make Your Family Morning Routine Easier

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Whether you’re a stay-at-home or working mom, getting everyone ready and out of the door quickly in the mornings can be tough. With the school year in full swing, the best thing we can do for ourselves is find a way to make mornings less stressful. Here are some tips we think will help you have an organized and productive morning:


1.) Don’t wait until the morning. According to a recent article from Parenting magazine, the best way to prepare is to plan the night before by staging exactly what you need in the morning, such as laying out everyone’s outfits and having lunch boxes prepacked.


Open and easy to see wire baskets are perfect for planning the kids’ outfits.


2.) Organization is key. An organized mudroom can be exactly what your family needs. Designate a spot for everyone’s things right at the doorway, and create a place for all of the kids’ school gear.


Image courtesy of Thirty Handmade Days 


3.) Tell your kids the plan. If you know exactly what time you need to get out of the house to avoid a long carpool line, make sure they do too. Five-minute and two-minute warnings are important so everyone is on the same page. 


4.) Get the kids involved. Another great tip from Parenting is to let your kids have “jobs”. Give the whole family a task to help out in the morning, which will take some stress off of you!


Image courtesy of Lemon Squeezy Home


5.) Wake up early. We’re not saying you have to be up at the crack of dawn, but it’s important for your own well-being to be up before the kids. This gives you some time to yourself to enjoy the first cup of coffee for the day, or a chance to take a shower and get yourself ready in peace.



Getting out of the house quickly in the morning can be tough, but with the right organization, and taking a few extra minutes to prepare can make all the difference and help start the day off the right way. For even more organization inspiration, check out and all of our other channels: FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.


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